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American-Georgian Fund - G-FUND.LTD
What does the Fund do for you?
It multiplies your money with a guaranteed percentage of profit!

In what way are the Fund tools better than other opportunities?

G-Fund's areas of activity:

Real Estate Crowdfunding

A group of investors that invests in an investment project or business
We work in two vectors:
Profitable Real Estate Crowdfunding
When buying a property with a guaranteed income.
Expensive Commercial Real Estate Crowdfunding
This type of property is often difficult for a single investor to buy because of the high entry price. That's why we cooperate and buy big commercial real estate objects that we later rent out for long-term rentals to retail chains, manufacturers, etc.
The collection of a group of investors takes place on the G-FUND.LTD website, on the G-INVEST.LTD investing platform.

Real Estate Resale

We provide fast legal money to investors by purchasing liquid real estate properties around the world at a price cheaper than in the local market.

We sell more expensive because:
We know how to sell
We know how to pitch a project
We await price rise
We have access to the database of investors and clients
An object, which has been built and put into operation is always sold more expensive since there is no risk of investment at the start of construction. And we know who to buy from with minimal risk at any stage.

Construction financing

New developers often lack their own working capital. The brand's reputation is more valuable and deadlines are tight and face penalties. We will finance the construction against the money rate of interest and security of the immovable property. As a result, we secure a profit.

Our network of developer partners covers:

> 20

world countries
> 5 000

construction companies
Sale of liquid expensive real estate and investment projects
We are approached by owners of large infrastructure facilities, hotel brands, land plots for various purposes, manufacturing enterprises, construction companies, etc., with requests for the sale of businesses and investment projects.
The implementation of such objects requires a professional approach in pitching objects, communication at the highest level, evaluation of micro and macro indicators, as well as understanding hundreds of other details.
We perform the task - "to sell" on a turnkey basis. The resulting profit from the sale provides a return on the invested money much higher than the tools of any financial organizations in the market.
Investments in new types of companies
⁃ We invest in the digital future because we are well versed in the digital economy. The growth of AirBnB, Booking, and Aviasales has already proven the effectiveness of such companies, and most importantly, a quick return on investment.

For example, what if you bought shares in any IT company at the start of their activities?

Conservative purchase of shares of global companies

The Fund's money is distributed across various target accounts. For example, in the structure of our activities budgets are allocated to buy stable shares of companies in the world.

High-risk trading activities

Purchase of cryptocurrency, trading robots. Extra profit from the Fund of money, which was allocated for risky operations.
G-Fund's tools of profitability allow you to get a percentage higher than that of banks and other financial institutions.

Legally, transparently, judicially!

Investing is better than saving

Investment examples.

Time goes by - money is made!
Case 1
We purchase several floors at the start of construction work at a super bargain price. Then on these floors, depending on the type of object, we create a hotel, an apart-hotel or a space zone, a coworking zone and sell it all very expensive in the final form. The business reference provider is GEOLN.COM. The company's experts conduct transactions and provide a business reference for objects around the world.

Example from practice

Example 1.

Purchase and resale of the floor - 2000 sq. m.
The cost of 1 sq. m. at the beginning of construction - 450$
The investment amount - 900 000 $
The cost of 1 sq. m. for sale at the stage of putting the house into operation - 1 100$
Profit from the transaction - $2,200,000
Growth - 200%

Example 2.

Purchase and resale of the floor - 2000 sq. m.
The cost of 1 sq. m. at the beginning of construction - $500
The investment amount - 1 000 000 $
The price of 1 sq. m. for sale at the stage of putting the house in operation - 2 600$
Profit from the transaction - $5,200,000
Growth - 500%

(These are examples of investment placement and cannot guarantee that your investment case will be the same. It can be either less or more)
Case 2
Example of a high-risk investment:

Purchase and resale of cryptocurrency
Purchase at the stage of the low popularity of cryptocurrency and further resale.
The investment amount - $ 1,000,000
Profit from the transaction - 1 000 000 000$
Growth - 1000%

Are there any other opportunities?

All invest cases you can find on G-INVEST.LTD

We make "white" money

Everything is legal, with documents, transparent, etc.
Such documents have legal force and are desirable in the international practice of building investor relations with global partners and the state. It's truly amazing to get a legitimate, honest, and legally clean guaranteed income.

With this set of documents, you will be a welcome world citizen of any country whose rights and freedoms will be protected at the highest, national and international level.
The program that expresses enthusiasm for all our partners because we confirm all payments and income, in particular, as well as income for members of the Fund, with appropriate certificates of return from the G-Fund, providing transparent documentation from both our own and international partners.
Your opportunities with G-Fund:
To get a guaranteed income
To see your income in your personal account online
To withdraw profits with the receipt of investment documents
To get the status of a world citizen and a residence permit or citizenship of the country of your choice *
(depends on the amount invested or the amount entrusted to the management of the Fund)
To visit the closed-end investment exhibitions organized by the G-Fund

Online Functionality of the Fund's Client

Investor's personal account
sees the profit, can apply for a withdrawal, can make a deposit or transfer, personal manager, can receive invitations to business meetings of investors in different parts of the world, profit reports
An opportunity to connect trading robots and use online trading platforms
Receiving exclusive investment offers from technological investment platform #1 - G-INVEST.LTD in your personal account and by email.
Commercial and international cooperation
The Fund with a capital of $ 1 billion.
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Investing is better than saving!
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